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 Ways to cleanse crystals

Ways to cleanse your crystals

Back in the day, I would head off down to the beach with bottles and buckets, fill them with seawater and bring them home to bathe my crystals on the window sill. Such dedication. This was a monthly ritual, yet probably not the best for my stones - in full sunlight, in seawater. Not to mention the other issue, the strange odour that would sometimes fill the room during summer, you know the one, similar to after that awesome trip with the kids to the beach. They had so much fun collecting shells and things. Some were left in the hot car... turns out some also had little creatures living inside them... yeah, that smell!. Then there were the times when I wrapped all my stones in a big towel and off we went to the river, where I sat as the crystals frolicked in the fresh running water. Pretty sure a few were lost this way, but I always put that down to "the crystals chose to leave". I also spent time burying my collection in the earth one year, to cleanse and charge them. And then there was the time I put them all on the back lawn, to bathe in the light of the full moon. As I got older, my crystal collection grew, and I got lazy. I began cleansing them with intention. I would hold a stone in my right hand and visualise clearing them of negative energy. This method was great and all, but if you have hundreds of crystals, it can be a bit time-consuming.
After all this, I began smudging my crew with white sage. This, along with sound clearing, are still methods I use today. Not only are they quick and easy, but also highly effective at cleansing, charging and returning crystals to their peak energetic form. Tuning forks are fantastic tools to cleanse crystals. Not only are they quick and easy, but highly effective at cleansing, charging and returning crystals to their peak energetic form. There are all kinds of tuning forks available. I prefer the 528Hz for healing, cleansing, transformation and the 432 Hz soothing universal frequencies.

There is no right or wrong way to cleanse your crystals, although there are a few rules for each method. 

Cleansing crystals in water

Cleansing With Water

Before submersing any gemstone in running water, be it tap, fresh or salt, check that your crystal can first be cleansed this way. Gemstones containing iron ores such as pyrite will start to rust when exposed to water so it pays to be safe. Below are a list of gemstones that can and can't be cleansed in water.

Water Safe Crystals

Clear Quartz
Rose Quartz
Rutilated Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Tiger Eye
Carnelian (but not in saltwater)

Water Unsafe Crystals

Black Tourmaline
Lapis Lazuli

Cleansing Crystals in Sunlight

Cleansing With Light


Generally moonlight is safe for most gemstones although use your intuition on this one. Stones such as Moonstone may not like regular moonbeams upon it. Once in a 'blue moon' may be okay but I wouldn't recommend this method every month. Too much Moon energy can have an adverse effect on the emotional energy field. Sunstone also might appreciate a moon balance out once in a while but not on a regular basis. Keeping your gemstones on a moonlit windowsill is sufficient, water safe stones can be placed outside overnight to bathe in the moonlight also.


Direct sunlight can be harsh on a number of stones. Amethyst can dull, as can turquoise and other soft stones. Dappled light is best for your gemstones. Outside under a tree has the benefit of dappled light with Earth energy below. 

Cleansing crystals in earth

Cleansing With Earth

As mentioned above, placing gemstones under a tree on the Earth can have super cleansing and charging effects for your stone. Water safe stones are fine just placed on the earth/grass. Stones such as pyrite benefit better with cardboard or another natural fibre between them and the earth. This way they still get the cleansing and charging benefits but without the potential moisture damage.

All water safe gemstones can also be returned to the Earth Mother and buried in a shallow hole overnight. Always be sure to wrap your stones in a natural fibre such as organic cotton or bamboo first, to stop any losses. 

Smudging crystals

Cleansing With Air

Smudging has been used for centuries to cleanse, charge, purify and celebrate. Ancient Egyptians honoured their sun deities at noon by burning frankincense in a smoky ritual. Catholics are familiar with aromatic smoke rising from the priests swinging thurible. Buddhist, Hindu & Taoist temples have incense burning at all times and of course there are the Native American smudge sticks, which are used in ritual, cleansing, celebration, purification and more.

White Sage is the best tool for crystal cleansing however, please be mindful where you purchase this from. Over harvesting of wild White Sage (salvia apiana), has been a real problem and conservationists are concerned for the future survival of the species. So check your source. The good news is White Sage is pretty easy to grow here in New Zealand and salvia apiana plants and seeds are readily available. You can have a constant source from your very own garden!

 Cleansing crystals with sound

Cleansing With Sound

My favourite method to cleanse and charge crystals. I use Tuning forks and Quartz Singing Bowls which are easy to use and readily available. They come in a range of sounds, so do some research on which one feels right to you, or go for a standard 528Hz for healing, cleansing, transformation and the 432Hz soothing universal frequencies.  Singing bowls come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They are slightly pricier, but the sounds they make, especially 2 or more 'singing' at once, are literally out of this world. 

There we have it! Caring for your crystals doesn't have to be complicated and there are cleansing methods to suit everyone. I recommend cleansing and charging your gemstones at least once a month. If you are using them for meditation, sleep, protection or wearing your crystals daily, I would cleanse weekly or fortnightly.

As they say, look after your gemstones, and they will look after you.

Kristy x

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