Riding the creative wave

It feels like I've been posting a lot in the last few days. If you have been following me for a while, you will know that a month can go by with no posts from me and then all of a sudden I'm posting shit daily and sometimes, multiple times a day. Sorry about that. I ebb and flow with creativity, so when I feel it, I feel it. I have found that riding this wave is the best way to create magical pieces.

These are today's creations. I think I was channelling a few tribal vibes, maybe because I miss my tribe. Coming into six weeks of lockdown here in New Zealand and I'm missing my soul family.

Anyways, today I felt Native American energies, with the hornpipe beads and turquoise, and also got an Aztec vibe with the pyrite skulls. There were definitely some Aboriginal feels with the Flower Agate and the Boulder Opal.

Hope you guys like them.






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