For the love of houseplants (and life lessons)

Do you ever have those days when you feel a little blah, so you hop online to check out your social, next minute you're staring at the checkout button on a website and think to yourself "Fuck it! I deserve this" and ... *click*... payment for the non-essential item (that you deserve), is complete.

Nine months ago, in the middle of winter. I saw a beautiful leaf. Oh, how it amazed me with its stripey contrasts. I went into that trance-like buy state and soon after there was a knock at my door, the wonderful courier bringing the new edition to my plant family. There she sat on the shelf, and sat, and sat—still only one leaf. Anxiety crept in, and the realisation soon hit that my plant was most likely going to die, and my money wasted.

I fussed over her. I was checking her five times a day. Did she have enough water? Was the light correct? I repotted her twice, in a Goldilocks and the Three Bears kind of scenario. The first pot (that she came in) was way too small, second pot too big, third pot just right. I ignored all the other 30 houseplants during this traumatic time, but I finally accepted that I was a fool and surrendered to the reality that she was going to plant heaven. RIP Variegated Monstera, RIP.

The next morning, I couldn't believe my eyes! She had started to push out a new leaf! I know, right! Eight months later! This post is getting rather dull, but, the moral of the story here is that things CAN change once you surrender to them; in other words, stop letting them control you. When we try to control or push outcomes, we create a blockage in ourselves and become removed from our reality, our intuition. We miss other parts of life; we cant embrace what life has to offer. 

We are both thriving now. I barely check in with her as I know she's got this, she knows I've got this. It's a wonderfully supportive relationship. I've even hired her to model the new Dr Druzy Macrame Plant Hangers (I can't do a blog and not add in at least one product). It always amazes me how macrame can completely change the vibe of a space. That hippie, boho, calming, meditative energy. I love it!

Anyways, check out the range if you'd like, because you know what?

You deserve it.