How to survive Mercury Retrograde in three easy steps

When a planet appears to go backwards in its orbit, as viewed from us here on Earth, it is said to be retrograde. Astrologically speaking, when Mercury (the planet that governs transportation, technology and communication) retrogrades, all hell breaks loose.

Step one

Don't panic! 


Step two

Attention to detail

Mercury Retrograde is like the Bermuda Triangle for essential documents and big plans. Things seem to disappear into the night, never to be seen again. Flights get delayed, and computers internally combust, taking with them that vital assignment you have been working on all week. While you can't fight the forces that be, you can save and triple check all those relevant documents. Do NOT send that email, bitching about your boss to your coworker, until you have gone over the "to", "cc", "bcc" recipients! Mercury Retrograde has a warped sense of humour, and if you don't check, that email is likely going to everyone in your contact list---including your boss!

I'll never forget my "initiation" into Mercury Retrograde about 15 years ago. I had decided that the Police Force was for me, and I had spent this particular day completing a Police PAT (Physical Appraisal) test along with the in-depth Psychometric testing. The last step was for the Police recruitment officer to talk to the referee in the initial application. Well, I decided to email one of my referees as soon as I got home to "warn" her that a phone call was coming. As this was an old friend of mine, I spoke as one usually would. I added in this email that I had just read the form and it talked about general health and if I had any issues. I had glandular fever in my teens and wondered if this was something to disclose but, seen as it was over ten years ago, I decided in my rambling to her that we "best not mention it"... ugh. I cringe thinking about it all. Happy with my email, I pressed send. One minute later, my friend text me "Ummm was that email meant to also go to someone at". I could have died, I don't even know how it happened, but I had cc'd in my recruitment officer. Thank you, Mercury Retrograde, Fuck you very much. 

Which leads me to step three.


Step three

See the positives

After the initial panic attack and ridiculous theory that my recruitment officer would somehow miss my email, she replied. A doctors certificate was now needed, and although it wasn't a massive deal in the grand scheme of things, I felt like the biggest idiot on the planet. For me, that day dampened the whole Police Force idea, and I didn't carry on with the application. I was disheartened at the time, but looking back, I know that it was a blessing in disguise. Would I have made a kick-ass Police Officer? You bet! Would my sensitive soul have been destroyed daily in that line of work? You bet.

My point is, no matter what Mercury Retrograde throws at you, there is always great learning and a way to get closer to your true path, authentic self, and true calling --- if you look for the positives.  


That is pretty much it. There are three Mercury Retrogrades this year (2020):

February 17 - March 10

June 18 - July 12

Oct 14 - November 3


If you need a helping hand, obsidian gem water can help keep your feet firmly planted on the ground and carrying Black Tourmaline, Amazonite and Smoky Quartz tumble stones will take the edge off those erratic, scattered energies.