Jewellery or Weapon?

I'm still undecided on that, BUT I do know that this INSANE piece of jewellery will not go unnoticed. Bonus is that it looks good anywhere, even for puppy snuggles. 


This one-of-a-kind, no-frills, unadulterated ring, will have you spellbound the moment you lay eyes on it, and that's just the beginning! These babes conjure up some gutsy, dynamic vibes, so you can 'rock it' with confidence.

Don't get lost in the shadows, with a Dr Druzy kick-ass, good vibes, ring on your fingers, anything is possible. Action your deepest dreams and desires and welcome joy, success, happiness, abundance, clarity, and creativity into your life. Embrace your new-found inner strength and get stuff done now! Guaranteed to get attention at any occasion.



Clear Quartz


The power of the Quartz Crystal is undeniable. This gem cleans, balances and repairs your mystical aura. Amplify your energy and positivity while Increasing spiritual awareness, dream recall, meditation, communication. Clear Quartz attracts love and prosperity. Bonus: 'Blockages Be Gone'.