Let’s ride this together...

Like these 2 pals. 


I didn't come here to sell, and I didn't come here to say "you got this". But I am here. I know things feel fucking crazy. I know you feel like life might be spiralling out of your control. I know you are probably doing everything you can to hold your shit together. I know you are stressed; about your children, your family, your parents, your grandparents, your health, your job, your pets, your mortgage, the shortage of groceries at New World, *did that person just sneeze?!*, and where the fuck is the toilet paper?!

I have no magic answers here. COVID-19 is unlike anything most of us have experienced in our lifetimes, and there are no rules as to how we should be feeling right now. But let's TALK. If you are anything like me, you just want to put the duvet over your head and wake up when this is all over. Unfortunately, life doesn't work like that; I know, right!.

Let's talk about your feelings on this. Let's tell our friends we are paranoid every time we hear a cough in the street. Let's say to our husbands that we just bought the last tbreefrozen chickens at Countdown, but we did leave the toilet paper and pasta there for others, so we are not that much of a jerk, just a teeny jerk. Let's tell our friends and family if we need help. Let's look out for each other. Let's reassure each other.

"Your feelings are completely justified, and I am here for you".

Let's play online scrabble, play with the dog, binge watch Netflix, do puzzles, go bushwalking. Let's sing and laugh; let's make someone else laugh. Let's put down our phone for an hour and stop clicking refresh on stuff.co.nz. Let's turn off the news for a moment and spend time together. Yesterday, I watched my dog, and a random chicken play together in the back yard, and it was glorious. Not once did I think of COVID-19; bird flu may have crossed my slightly paranoid mind, but COVID-19, no.

One of my Soul Sisters, Anna, posted on her Facebook today. It simply said:

"What do you need?".

Let's ride this storm together.

Kristy, Stan (the pup) and Augustine (the chick) x