Lockdown 2020



How is everyone handling things out there in these crazy, weird times?

I received a phone call while I was driving on the Desert Road, on my way to Auckland to pick up a new puppy. New Zealand was going into complete lockdown in just 48 hours. My accommodation was immediately cancelled, and I wasn't even sure this puppy was legit. Was I allowed to carry on the journey to get him?. I immediately started stressing about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. This trip, my family, my children, New Zealand, The World. Were my family going to be okay? Did my partner still have to work and is that safe? When would I see my girls who I share care with, can they even go between houses?!

Needless to say, I spent the first week of lockdown with yo-yo emotions, crying one day, laughing hysterically the next, experiencing anxiety over nothing and everything and feeling completely insane while singing and acting out COVID-19 parody songs that I had written to pass the time (links to those below and don't judge me, lockdown does crazy shit to people). My girls were still with their Dad, and I was looking at the scenario of not seeing them for at least four weeks. My partner was at work during the day as an essential worker. So, it was just me, Stan the pup, the hilarious chicken Augustine, and our new arrival, Ollie, who as it turns out, was legit and I got him just in the nick of time.

Pretty standard lockdown position here with the TV remote and Ollie asleep

I've felt rather unmotivated during the lockdown. I have done absolutely no jewellery; I have not even picked up a crystal. Thinking on it now I could have maybe used a big chunk of Pyrite to help with my motivation, but hey, that's okay. However you are spending this time, be gentle with yourself. I initially felt like I should be doing a million things, using this time to do 'stuff', learn a new language, update the website, spring clean the house. None of that has happened. I felt like a lazy ass initially, but it is okay to feel; however, you feel. 


2020 Cancelled

After careful consideration, we have decided that it is no longer in the best interests of everyone involved to proceed with 2020.

While we recognise that a lot of hard work has gone into preparing for 2020, if we're honest it has turned into a bit of a shitshow and we feel it is best to just call it off.

We understand that some of you were looking forward to seeing what cruel and peculiar clusterfuck of a disaster 2020 would throw up next. But on balance we believe it is probably best not to find out.

We will instead provide ticket-holders with a full refund or an exchange, and start afresh with 2021 on Monday.

Our plan is to deliver a more enjoyable year, similar to say 2016, which everyone thought was the absolute worst year of all time, but in retrospect, it was a fucking walk in the park.

See you next year.




An unexpected bonus of this whole scenario is not just the quality memes being created, but the sense of communities coming together and the shift in our shopping habits. My elderly neighbour popped his head over the fence the other day to see if I needed anything. He had noticed that my partner hadn't been around, as he was working, and that I was here with the girls (who thankfully could still travel between homes). It was a very kind gesture. As for the shopping, I have found so many little local businesses that I had never heard of before: local fruit and veggie growers who still do contactless deliveries, locally roasted coffee beans (for our coffee machine bought in the boxing day sales - seriously a lockdown lifesaver), the NZ craft beer brewers who can still deliver, the cutest NZ made slippers! The list goes on. I would have never heard of these places if it wasn't for lockdown and I plan on supporting local, and New Zealand made, way past COVID-19. They need us now more than ever.

If you have the motivation to try new things, get stuff done in lockdown, GREAT! If you want to sit on the couch, binge watch The Tiger King on Netflix and put on an extra kilo, then that is also great. Whatever you are doing, you're doing a great job! This COVID-19 curve is flattening, and that is a credit to all of us. 


Have your say!

  • Tell me how you have been using your lockdown time. Be honest. There's no judgement here at all, and your stories may help someone who has been struggling in their lockdown bubble or give others ideas on how to spend the last few days/weeks of their own.
  • If you have a small business, feel free to pop a link in the comments below. If you can share the Dr Druzy link too, well then I would be very grateful. Now is a time to come together and support our fellow New Zealanders. I will add a few links to businesses that I have found over the past few weeks also.
  • If you want to see lockdown crazy, here are the links to a few of my COVID-19 parody songs on YouTube. If they make you smile, feel free to share the crazy. COVID parody of Ice Ice Baby | COVID parody of ROAM B-52's | COVID parody of Jolene |


    Stay safe

    Kristy x