Why Dr Druzy?

The Beginning

I have been fascinated with gemstones FOREVER. I have always found crystals to be mysterious little friends. Sparkly allies that would draw me in with their unusual formations. I was the kid that would bring home stones from any outing and proudly display them on my window sill, where I would gaze at them for hours. Around this same time, I also had a fascination with the Wild West and Native American culture. Slowly the window sill became full of cacti, stones, feathers, old medicine bottles and medicine bags. I'd disappear into an imaginary Wild West world, in awe of the vast landscapes, quirky gold mining towns, vintage colours, crazy fonts, roughness, rawness, realness and just general badassery.


Fast forward many moons

I am still just as mad about stones, The West, and Native American culture.

I have a dream one night of the most amazing Amethyst Druzy ring, in a style I have never seen. It was chunky and rough and raw. I start my mission to find this ring, but its nowhere. Not disheartened, I decided that if I can't find it, I will have it made or make it myself!


The Seed for Dr Druzy has been planted.

I decide to start my own jewellery line that invokes all those vibes I felt while sitting in my room as a kid, lost in my imaginary Wild West world. Vibes of strength, determination, carefreeness and adventure. I want a jewellery range that will empower the wearer to feel strong and confident. Encouraged and supported. Optimistic and adventurous.

I take my love for gemstones and the Wild West and smoosh them together, creating Dr Druzy. 


Why Dr?

"Take one and call me in the morning."

When I think about the Wild West, I'm always drawn to those little bottles of lotions and potions from the travelling Medicine Shows, Snake Oil Medicine Men and 'Doctors' of all things strange. Now, as there are still a lot of people out there who lump crystals and gemstones in the "tin foil" hat club and, as my sense of humour is sometimes a little cheeky (I rarely take myself seriously), I decided that yes! Dr it would be. 'Doctor' of Good Vibes, 'Doctor' of Gem Medicine, 'Doctor' of Crystal Prescriptions!


Why Druzy?

You know when you stare into a beautiful crystal geode and see those tiny, glittering gemstone points, like a little night sky? Well, those little sparkles are called crystal druzy or druse. I'm also a little bit of a nerd and liked the alliteration with the D's in Dr Druzy together. So, just like that, Dr Druzy was born. 


I'm so happy to be able to offer you, fellow crystal lovers, some feel-good gemstone statement pieces. Jewellery with good vibes, jewellery with a purpose, jewellery to empower, support, encourage, enlighten and make your soul shine. I love every process of this little business, from sourcing stones and designing jewellery, to making, packing and infusing these pieces with good vibes before sending them off to their new homes. I love meeting like-minded people and getting your emails once you receive your Dr Druzy Gem Medicine. So, thank you. Thank you for every 'like', comment, share, purchase and message. You guys are the best.


Kristy xx