Gem Medicine

Like people, every crystal is unique. As the Dr professes "there is one for everyone out there". Enjoy a new connection with the earth through these powerful stones as you tap into their deep energy and undeniable beauty. Remember, you react to your crystal and your crystal reacts to you. 

Agate - Black - From the seams of the earth, mysterious Black Agate rises as a remedy for fighting fears and turning bad luck good. Bolster will power, find a new sense of calm and stability through firmer ground. Become still like night skies and welcome strength and endurance back into your life.

Agate - Blue - Blue Agate Gem Medicine is especially beneficial for those needing confidence to stand up and speak and for those who feel they aren't listened to. A stone of clear communication, courage, clarity, self-worth and positivity.

Agate - Green Moss - If you are feeling distracted or unfocused, and everything feels harder then it should, then you need this gem in your life. A great remedy for regaining the edge and enhancing concentration and desire. Experience wholeness, dismiss trouble and procrastination. Sharpen up!

Agate - Yellow - This dynamic gem provides extra confidence in all walks of life. Let creativity flow through you as the ancient energies of Agate go to work. Not just a 9 to 5-er, this stone never stops giving. Knocked out? Feel the double whammy of its ability to increase energy and decrease stress.  

Amazonite - Walk your talk with this remedy for truth and communication.  Promotes harmony and peace and is a great remedy for those who tend to overact or are over emotional. A stone to help recognise your dreams and desires helping achieve these by moving beyond any fears that may be holding you back.

Amethyst - A potent remedy to help release bad habits and feelings of disconnection. Open the channels of communication with this prescription for protection, purification, and balance. Find well-being, peace, intuition, and clarity. A wonderful stone to meditate with for those seeking harmony and alignment. 

Ametrine - Say goodbye indecisiveness and laters to fear. Seek and you will find clarity and decisiveness. Increase your creativity and fly with the focus of an eagle. Activate all chakras, increase potential as the transformational energies of this gem invigorate you with an influx of new ideas.

Aquamarine - Get back in touch with your good self – leave your bags at the door and refresh. This age-old prescription is a cure-all for frustration, anger, grief, and shyness. Promoting communication, truth, knowledge, wisdom, clarity, courage, expression and regain intuition.

 Azurite - Stay out of dangers way with this powerful stone. Perfect for those that help others, do your thing without taking on the problems of those you help. Protect your well-being, care for your aura and create potent one way channels for intuition.

Barite - Desert Rose - Clear blockages, activate chakras and prepare to open up to the possibilities of new worlds and higher frequencies. A fantastic stone to encourage spiritual growth, peace and wisdom. The Desert Rose encourages letting go of out dated thoughts and behaviours and links you to your higher purpose. Place a Desert Rose Cluster in a meditation room to enhance meditation, a bedroom to encourage inter dimensional travel or any other room to help clear stagnant/sluggish energies. 

Carnelian - Take the leap with Carnelian Gem Medicine. This stone supports courage, vitality, confidence, action and creativity. A great remedy for putting those ideas into action. 

Chrysophrase - Welcome change! New beginnings await those that wear this powerful gem. Repurpose unwanted emotions and find forgiveness in it’s inherent beauty. Promotes healing with compassion and opens previously closed channels to the finer things in life. The future is bright.

Citrine - Gem Medicine to bring joy, abundance, creativity and clarity. Clear blockages and get the confidence to put into action those deepest dreams and desires.

Danburite - Travel through time with this vibrational remedy. A stone for communicating with the divine and spiritual enlightenment. A great companion for channeling, communication with higher self,  relieving stress and worry and stoping that mind chatter. Meditate with Danburite for peace, awareness and comfort. 

Dioptase - Let go and release. Dioptase is the stone of starting fresh and ditching any outdated patterns that may be holding you back. This Gem Medicine brings a burst of vitality, prosperity, health, wealth and love. If you don't feel you are reaching your full potential then this may be the stone for you.

Emerald - This precious gem has more than just good looks going for it, a direct path to health, wealth and love. Lose self doubt, unworthiness and other blockages with this powerful and stunning prescription. With Emerald comes hope, encouragement, trust, compassion and healing.

Garnet - Feeling off balance and fatigued - let Garnet Gem Medicine help you to get grounded and energised. Protect yourself from negativity and psychic 'leeches' and arouse the energies of Kundalini.

Herkimer Diamond Purify your energy field with this little powerhouse of Gem Medicine. A great ally for dream recall, creativity, healing, meditation and intuition. Remove's energy blockages, negativity and outdated emotional baggage. 

Howlite - Stay balanced, relaxed, calm and clear-headed with this little piece of Gem Medicine. Feeling blocked up? Unwind with this on your side – a great way to release unwanted burdens and let go of stress. Be still and experience a deeper form of relaxation through this natural treasure. 

Jasper - Overactive minds be gone! Put things into perspective and maintain perseverance, focus and good humour with this Gem Medicine. A great remedy for procrastination and intense mental work. Stay calm, clear and organised.

Kyanite - Behold a link to the mysterious past life phenomenon! Recall past lives, open the channels to telepathy and spiritual development. A remedy for relationship repair and reconnection. Boosts clarity, communication and connections. Discover new ways to love.

Labradorite - Awaken to the magic within! Labradorite Gem Medicine will enhance intuitive abilities of all kinds. A stone for self discovery, healing, strength and protection. Drop the ego and prepare for exciting and magical new adventures. 

Lodolite - The power of the Lodolite Quartz Crystal is undeniable. This gem cleans, balances and repairs your mystical aura. Amplify your energy and positivity whilst Increasing spiritual awareness, dream recall, meditation, communication. Attracts love and prosperity. Bonus: ‘Blockages Be Gone’.

Malachite - Channel Malachites good vibrations and step up to find your true calling! This Gem Medicine will assist turning those creative thoughts into productive actions. A remedy to provide mega protection form negative energies and to help achieve emotional balance.  

Moonstone - This gentle, mystical stone works with the ebb and flow of the moon, balancing emotions, increasing intuition, dream recall and clairvoyance. The luminescent flashes on rainbow moonstone help instil feelings of acceptance, joy, peace, optimism and light into ones body. A great ally to help get in touch with your feminine side and tap into the goddess within.

Onyx - Magical Black Onyx is a great stone for teachers and students with its ability to aid focus, attention to detail, memory and perseverance. Use magical Black Onyx to help regain vitality and find inner strength.

Peridot - Drop the fear, self doubt and self sabotage and welcome abundance, prosperity, wealth, love, joy and success. If you are holding onto any negative thought patterns or blockages about your right to receive all those good things in life, then Peridot is the stone for you.

Prehnite - Open yourself to unconditional love, peace, vitality and positivity with this Gem Medicine. Leave your fear, nervousness and worry at the door and support healing, confidence, grounding and communication with Prehnite.

Pyrite - A powerful prescription to energise – promoting vitality, accomplishment, will power, health, motivation, creativity, positivity, ambition. Business Time? Rule meetings with this rock, as it boosts clarity, perseverance whilst increasing focus. Forget fears and anxiety with Pyrite in your corner.

Quartz - The power of the Quartz Crystal is undeniable. This gem cleans, balances and repairs your mystical aura. Amplify your energy and positivity whilst Increasing spiritual awareness, dream recall, meditation, communication. Attracts love and prosperity. Bonus: ‘Blockages Be Gone’. 

Rose Quartz - Dr Druzy’s love potion #9! Reconnect with the divine and find unconditional love. This gentle pink remedy will help boost trust, union, calm, joy, compassion and love. Cleanse past emotional stress, tension, anger, fear and suspicion. Also aids insomnia.

Ruby - Stimulate life force, activate kundalini and welcome vitality back to your mind, body and soul. Ruby's pure red vibrations increase courage and persistence, leaving no room for feelings of self doubt and hopelessness. A stone to stimulate passion, action and adventure.

Sapphire - Activate the 3rd eye and prepare for an influx of creativity, visions, ideas and wisdom. Sapphire brings positive thoughts, understanding and healing to those who wear it. It is a wonderful stone to meditate with and can help with dream recall, communication and emotional balancing.

Serpentine - Serpentine is a great stone for activating all chakras and the kundalini energies. It helps clear and balance any blocked energy pathways, bringing about flow and direction to ones life. This Gem Medicine will help you to see a bright future ahead with unlimited exciting opportunities. 

Shungite - Found only in the Karelia area in Russia and believed to be at least 2 billion years old! This ancient healer is a rare carbon mineral that contains fullerenes - powerful antioxidants and excellent EMF shielders. This Gem Medicine harmonises your energy field creating a healthy energy flow and blocking harmful EMF's from computers, cell phones, pylons and microwaves. It is a great ally for anyone who is unwell, recovering from illness, stressed or sensitive to electro magnetic frequencies. Shungite promotes all health and wellbeing and can be used to cleanse (and charge) drinking water, a practise that has been used in Russia for centuries. A wonderful companion in this age of wifi and mobile technology. 

Sodalite - Stimulate your inner genius with Sodalite. A great ally for students, teachers, writers & artists. Sodalite Gem Medicine brings creativity, insight, courage, focus, motivation and intuition. 

Tiger Eye The Eye of the Tiger! Need the Dr say anymore? Strength and power lie in the heart of this vital stone. Run towards problems with open arms and watch as they cower in fear. Seek action and remain confident in the face of adversity with this charming connecting stone. 

Tourmaline - Green - Sync in with it’s unique energy release and find your own way to balance things out. This crystal wears no watch, and it’s no-rush, easy does it attitude helps meditation, connection, wholeness and vitality. Do things in your own time with this subtle stone on your side. 

Tourmaline - Black - Dark as the depths of the earth, this powerful stone remembers its birthplace and is a Druzy favourite for grounding. A remedy to curb the effects of picking up on others ‘bad vibes’. Like it’s Pink sibling, this rock removes worry and stress.  Squash imbalance!

Tourmaline - Pink - Remedy your heart and welcome back emotion. If your spark is AWOL then this rock will assist you in recovering it. Put some pop back in your day and open up to the many facets of Tourmaline. This beauty will reduce stress, deplete depression and worry. 

Turquoise - Shyness is on the outs and communication is open for business as your soul shines through this beautiful and timeless stone. Speak openly and watch as your wisdom finds a voice. Lift spirits and create inner peace and serenity through the power of truth. Real Talk!

Vanadanite - Gem Medicine for grounding, endurance, will power and persistence. Beat fatigue and let those creative juices flow. Open up to new ideas and new adventures with Vanadanite by your side.